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PostSubject: September September Icon_minitimeDecember 30th 2015, 13:54

Name: September

Gender: Female

Age: 3 Years

Breed: Timber Wolf

Height: 70cm.

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Autay.

September stands at 70cm, she is a strong well built wolf. Despite not being the largest of wolves she is built strong and muscles can be visible beneath her thick pelt. She has the makings of a fighter but prefers to stay back and care for the pups. Her pelt is soft to touch and as dark as the midnight sky. She has many silver hairs around her muzzle that have been their since youthful times. Small streaks of other tans are seen around her haunches. She has two beautiful emerald eyes. Some small scars can be found but they're covered by her thick pelt and she's overall a very pretty wolf.

Upon first meeting September you will probably get offended by a few rude remarks. She may seem sarcastic and sharp tongued but deep down she cares, she really does. In the past she was betrayed and it really hit home, causing her to build a protective mask to stop others getting in. She chose the rank of Autay because she enjoys the pureness of youthful wolves, they're the only ones that ever see her true side. The only way to get through to her caring self is to gain her trust which will not be easy because she will try to drive you away subconsciously with sharp words. She also has trust issues and if you were to hurt her she could break and then you'd be in for something. She's intelligent and when she's not speaking she observes everything around her. She will never make a decision without thinking about the consequences.



September was born to to a regular mother and father, they were nice to her but not overly so. They loved her but they weren't the best at showing it, the two were both healers and were often in the den with their patients rather than with September. She wasn't actually born with that name, they simply called her midnight. Something that may sound beautiful but after you realize it's just the easy, common name for black wolves it kind of loses its speciality. She had friends but she wasn't the best at their games and although they were nice to her she often got left out when they planned something. She had an alright life, nothing overly bad ever happened but it was dull and she could have been happier. As she grew into an older yearling, she loved to spend time with the younger pups as they never judged her. She had an easy life, nothing much happened worth recording but she was growing upset and longed to run away and begin again but she didn't have the courage to. Then one night, a few weeks before her second birthday- she was wandering around outside the pack's territory when she met a mysterious male with russet fur and azure coloured eyes. He went by the name of Jem and despite her initial fear upon meeting him he intrigued her and the two steadily built a friendship.

It started with him stopping her running off and luring her in with soft spoken words and asking her to meet him again which she hesitantly agreed to. Then they spent many nights together beneath the stars, soon predictably falling in love. She never got why he went for her, the basic and boring fae but he made her feel special like no one else could. Most didn't even notice her absences and it was all just a fun game until on one September evening he asked her to run away to his pack with him. She was nervous but he managed to coax her the same way he had all those months back. She left with him and took on a new identity, he helped name her September. A special name representing a special time, their love, their new beginning. They spent a good few months together, until that Winter she found him with the alpha couples daughter.

She could've sworn something died inside her that night. She was never going to be good enough, he was just the same as the rest. There was always someone better than her, even her parents seemed to prefer their patients who went out and fought bravely better than her. He tried to stop her but she turned and ran, fleeing him and his pack forever. She never let go of the name September for it was a memory of a rare happy time even if it turned into pain. She wandered alone, building a mask of sharp words and anger to keep others locked out so no one could hurt her again. She came across the borders of Erenyx and decided to join to keep herself safe from the Winter months but swore never to let herself grow attached.

Joining Keys: Member posted the joining keys... You know the rest... - Alpha Teren

How did you find Age? Invited by Guardian Tundra. (100 Bones has been given to Tundra) - Elder Azul

Example Post:
September walked through the snowy forest. She was hungry and tired, having walked all day. She needed a place to stay before the winter months got worse and finished her off. She was no fool because despite how silly saying you were killed by snow would sound , it was definitely possible. She shivered as the cold wind ruffled her fur and tried to shelter under a very scraggly bush. It did little to help and she trembled miserably. Why did Jem have to leave her? She didn't deserve any of this, any of it! She shivered again, leaning her skinny body down to sleep. She had to find a pack, if she didn't soon she was done for. She grit her fangs, but never would she get attached again. She lay her head on her paws, feeling her eyelids begin to droop. She would be okay. In the morning things would be better...

Site Season/Year: 5th Winter
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PostSubject: Re: September September Icon_minitimeDecember 31st 2015, 09:46

September R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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