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Apprentice Petra
Apprentice Petra

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PostSubject: Petra Petra Icon_minitimeFebruary 27th 2016, 19:55

Name: Petra

Gender: Female

Age: 6 months

Breed: Grey Wolf

Height: 67 cm

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Apprentice Warrior

Petra can easily be considered a fairly comely fae. Her fur carries a relatively plush appearance, and though it maybe thick in many places, it doesn't tangle too easily. Though she is certainly small for a wolf, her frame is more sturdy than scrawny, and her legs are relatively short, making her appear more stocky than lanky. Her diminutive stature and underlying grace are moreover a facade, however, for beneath her outwardly lovely appearance lies toned muscles and an indomitable inner strength. Her coat is an amalgam of various soft colors many of which are common to her breed. Much of her coat is primarily a creamy light coffee color that fades into white along her underbelly, legs, neck, and the lower half of her face, and it darkens into chestnut along her head. Her back is a myriad of dark brown, grays, and even streaks of black. The darkest colors form striations along with the brown along her flank, and the upper half of her face above her snout and around her eyes is a light charcoal gray. Her focus is a light, vibrant yellow color, not unlike the light of the summer sun on a clear day, or the petals of dandelions. She doesn't bear many outward similarities to either parent, nor to her brothers, most all of whom bear the night black pelt pinnacle to Teren's genes.

As a youth, Petra is incredibly curious and eager to learn. She absorbs new information relatively easily, and once something is inscribed in her mind, it is never erased. Highly impressionable and ultimately fairly sensitive, she has a habit of taking many of her experiences to heart. When she makes a mistake, she ensures that the error is corrected so that the situation may play out in her favor in the future. The naivete of her young life will not last long; she is craving love, acceptance, and appreciation, and she's willing to do what she feels she needs to to achieve that, regardless of any ethical or moral code. She will come to understand how her pack and her father perceives her as a half Helidos female, and though her disposition may be friendly and vibrant in the beginning, her inquisitive nature and desire for security may easily change that. She wants to be happy, and in order to be content she feels she must be valued, for everyone around her to view her as something... Better. She can recognize no difference between being revered and being feared; in her eyes, power is power, and if one exists without it, they are susceptible to being hurt. Though she seems happy, energetic, enthusiastic, and jocular on the surface, there is something fragile concealed underneath, a very thin barrier against despair and agony that can only hold so much weight. If one spends enough time in her presence, they may begin to notice a slew of disturbing trends and borderline sadistic tendencies. She enjoys spending time with others if only to study them, or to seek their love and admiration. She enjoys her isolation just as much, however, and she values her time with her convoluted, often twisted thoughts very highly. When one first meets her, she will be perceived as outgoing, coy, laughable and somewhat mischievous. She knows she's comely, and she's willing to use that to whatever advantage she can, even if it's simply to mess with someone. She draws amusement from manipulating others or causing discomfort, mainly because she evokes a sense of power or authority from the control she has over someone else's psyche.


Petra Petra_11
Petra Petra_12
Petra Petra_13

Drenched in the victorious blood of war, one wolf stood alone. His emerald stare looked upon his pack, watching each and everyone as they heard the call. The Alpha male had won. But his victory was not soon over, no. With him, he took a captive back to Erenyx, a slave she would be - for him. She resisted him in every way, hated the monster he was, the beast he was. He killed her queen in the most brutal way possible. He needed to be killed. Long nights they spent holed up in their "shared" living arrangements. He forced himself upon her night after night, ensuring that she would carry his young. But even through all the pain and the agony, Juno was still a brilliant and glorious wolf as ever before. Her eyes glistened as she snarled and bared her fangs to him. But he did not care. In the months to come, her belly became full and thick. She moved slower than before and Teren forced her to eat the most freshest animals from all the kills. He cared for these young as he would for the rest of their lives. His legacy was going to live on, even when the great Alpha could do so no longer. He hoped that one of his bloodline would be the next Alpha of Erenyx.

When spring had finally come, Juno was ready to bear his young. Tucked away in the Autay's den, she screamed and yowled in pain as the four young pups were born. She cleaned them off with the help of another and Teren stood over them, staring down as he discovered each one's gender. The first two to come out were both onyx males. It would be weeks before their eyes would open. But the third to come from her, was a fae. Consumed by rage, Teren snarled and wished to kill the young fae, but Juno stopped him. She blocked her young with her head, and snarled back to him. "If you wish to kill her, you will have to kill me as well, and all your sons will die.." Teren took a few steps back, knowing full well she was correct in every way. Then the last of the litter was born, a male, but he was smaller than the rest. Only two wolves had mattered in the litter, only two would have the chance to succeed their father. These two he would train the hardest, and the others.. well they would still train, but not in the ways to shape a wolf to be Alpha. Teren allowed the fae to name their young. In his mind, they did not earn a name until their other siblings were slaughtered by their own paws and jaws. She called them names, where as he referred to them as their pronouns.

Born to Alpha Teren and Captive Juno. As Teren's unwanted daughter, she will learn how she is perceived and treated from a fairly young age. Though she may be friendly and idyllic initially, harsh treatment from her father and other members of the pack may begin to change her demeanor. She will become aware of how she is undervalued, and how her small stature is a disadvantage when compared to her future combatants. Since she craves love through power, she will train endlessly to find an avenue for success while fighting. She will have an attachment to her mother initially, but she will grow out of it as time wears on and the difficulties of life become more apparent. Her ultimate ambition is to surpass her father in strength and prowess, and due to her relative mental instability, fractured morals, love of control, discomfort, and chaos, it is evident that she will sink deeper and deeper into insanity as she grows. There is something monstrous lurking within her, and it's uncertain when her thread bare tie to normalcy will snap.

Joining Keys: \The keys were here but I ate them - Nnlya

How did you find Age? I'm Scout Yuki

Example Post:
The lanky she-wolf laid stretched out on the cool sand, her usually sharp gray gaze languid and relaxed as she stared off into the vast expanse of sea ahead of her. The sky was virtually clear of clouds, and the vibrant azure firmament was only interrupted by the sun burning high atop it. It was certainly smaller than how it appeared in the warmer months, and yet the cold air was fairly mild for winter, the occasional frigid breeze gentle and limp in intensity. Spring will be coming soon. She asserted nonchalantly to herself, a tiny, nearly genuine smirk twitching at the edge of her maw. Warm weather really wasn't her preference; her thick, coarse pelt and Northern origins made her much more inclined to enjoying winter. The current climate was nearly ideal for her comfort, if only there was a bit more shade.

If you wanted to be out of the sun, why did you come out here, you dolt? She scoffed indifferently at the thought before lifting her chin up off her paws, the salty tang of the ocean mist settling over her tongue. The persistent rumbling of the crashing ocean waves was a constant cacophony, and the sporadic gull squawked it's clumsy tune in periods as it flew overhead. She laid unmoving in the sand until her russet fur had soaked up enough heat to seem scorching, and she yawned with casual ease as she pushed herself up to her paws, her off white underbelly sprinkled with sand.

The soft ocean breeze moved past her in calm complacency, and she padded forward a few feet before halting once more, her paws sinking slightly into the wet sand beneath her. The water rushed up and back along the shore in a predictable loop, crawling lamely up towards her sand filled paws before receding back into the tumultuous tide. Her wounds from the war barely bothered her anymore save for the occasional pang of discomfort, and her entire body buzzed with an indomitable energy. She took a deep, steadying inhale before padding a few feet into the churning blue, the abruptly icy chill of the water easily sinking through her thick fur. She was only submerged about half way up her legs, though the water rose to her belly whenever the waves came rushing towards the shore. She could feel the strong tug of the current pulling everything back out into the extensive blue, and she sunk her nails into the sand beneath her, a diminutive smile of triumph pulling at her maw. She had nearly drowned at the falls just a year before, and now here she stood, at the edge of the most powerful body of water in existence, undaunted. She felt light, in an unusual sense, an emotion she hadn't felt in quite awhile.

Site Season/Year: 5th Spring

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PostSubject: Re: Petra Petra Icon_minitimeMarch 22nd 2016, 08:20

Petra R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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