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Memphis The Mischievous

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PostSubject: Memphis The Mischievous Memphis The Mischievous Icon_minitimeMarch 23rd 2016, 08:12

Name: Memphis

Gender: Male

Age: 6 Months

Breed: Grey Wolf

Height: 94 CM

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Apprentice Warrior

As a pup, he was quite pudgy and fat from all of the mothers milk. He had been very greedy during feeding time, and often would be first to eat often pushing away his siblings in order to drink as much as he could. As he began to grow he thinned out loosing most of the pudgy fat, showing more of a promise instead of becoming a fat ball of disappointment. As he began to grow, he changed into a handsome daring pup. Sharp, mischievous green eyes are framed by an almost pure ebony pelt. Hues of white (even a little brown) can be seen in this handsome lads fur if in the right light. Most of his fur is dark just like both of his parents. His features are striking, with sharper angles along the nose and cheeks. While those features make him seem more sleek, he is actually quite thick in more areas than one. His masculine form was built over the many months of training after he was old enough, but his genetics also shaped and molded him. While he has more of a muscular and buff appearance from his father, his facial structure is that of his mothers. It gives him more of an innocent look, which can be manipulative. What sets him apart from his younger brother Thaddeus, is his size. Memphis was a large pup when birthed, giving him a head start on his path to a large wolf.  He would, in turn, be much like his father in size and muscularity but there would also be a softness in his features that would remind some of his mother.  

Mischievous, Deceiver, Many things that caused this little pup to be in trouble. He was always doing things to his siblings and blaming others. He would always do small things, like move something important a few inches away or hide certain items. Nothing to serious but enough to annoy his parents and even his siblings. He was a bit of a trouble maker, and he was chided for it. Nothing really stopped him from being 'playful' in the sort of mean way. Being as mischievous as this, he often found himself being just as curious as his sister Petra. While he would always notice some of things he did she took to heart, he mostly found himself pushing the outer boundaries of what he could and couldn't do. Finding the acts he did were wrong but not being upset over them (not taking them to heart). He found them entertaining. He was quite a nuisance to both his mother and his father, and when he wasn't chided he was often snapped at. His earliest gift would be the smooth tongue he owns, able to manipulate the youngest of pup and sometimes an adult to do something out of ordinary. It was a fun pass time for him, to see what he could make others do with just a slip of words. While his sister was fun to manipulate, his brother Thaddeus was not so fun. He was more of a thoughtful in Memphis's eyes and often found manipulating him difficult. He was always up for a challenge, having found joy in creating chaos but also challenging even the smallest of ideas. While he is creative, there is a more dark quiet side to Memphis not often seen. He can be seen as outgoing, even playful and friendly but when upset or even just alone true feelings often do come to the surface. He does have a more softer shell, just like his sister but he hides it just as well as he hides emotion behind his suit of troublesome nature. Despite all of that, there is a sense of dominance that comes forth in him as natural as his eye color. Along with that dominance comes anger, and a lust for blood but those emotions are not as strong yet.  



Drenched in the victorious blood of war, one wolf stood alone. His emerald stare looked upon his pack, watching each and everyone as they heard the call. The Alpha male had won. But his victory was not soon over, no. With him, he took a captive back to Erenyx, a slave she would be - for him. She resisted him in every way, hated the monster he was, the beast he was. He killed her queen in the most brutal way possible. He needed to be killed. Long nights they spent holed up in their "shared" living arrangements. He forced himself upon her night after night, ensuring that she would carry his young. But even through all the pain and the agony, Juno was still a brilliant and glorious wolf as ever before. Her eyes glistened as she snarled and bared her fangs to him. But he did not care. In the months to come, her belly became full and thick. She moved slower than before and Teren forced her to eat the most freshest animals from all the kills. He cared for these young as he would for the rest of their lives. His legacy was going to live on, even when the great Alpha could do so no longer. He hoped that one of his bloodline would be the next Alpha of Erenyx.

When spring had finally come, Juno was ready to bear his young. Tucked away in the Autay's den, she screamed and yowled in pain as the four young pups were born. She cleaned them off with the help of another and Teren stood over them, staring down as he discovered each one's gender. The first two to come out were both onyx males. It would be weeks before their eyes would open. But the third to come from her, was a fae. Consumed by rage, Teren snarled and wished to kill the young fae, but Juno stopped him. She blocked her young with her head, and snarled back to him. "If you wish to kill her, you will have to kill me as well, and all your sons will die.." Teren took a few steps back, knowing full well she was correct in every way. Then the last of the litter was born, a male, but he was smaller than the rest. Only two wolves had mattered in the litter, only two would have the chance to succeed their father. These two he would train the hardest, and the others.. well they would still train, but not in the ways to shape a wolf to be Alpha. Teren allowed the fae to name their young. In his mind, they did not earn a name until their other siblings were slaughtered by their own paws and jaws. She called them names, where as he referred to them as their pronouns.

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PostSubject: Re: Memphis The Mischievous Memphis The Mischievous Icon_minitimeMarch 23rd 2016, 11:53

Memphis The Mischievous R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Memphis The Mischievous

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