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Apprentice Blaire

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Apprentice Blaire
Apprentice Blaire

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PostSubject: Apprentice Blaire Apprentice Blaire Icon_minitimeMarch 24th 2016, 20:18

Name: Blaire

Gender: Female

Age: 6 months

Breed: Grey Wolf

Height: 87cm

Pack: Agavos

Rank Requested: Apprentice Warrior

A stunning base of cream coloured fur sets the canvas for this fae. Flecks of black and caramel coloured fur stain her back, shoulders, and back of her neck, fading back into a solid cream at her face. This alluring mixture of colours makes her what most would consider a very attractive fae. Though her coat provides much to look at, it is her eyes that are truly captivating. Steel blue eyes are set perfectly in her feminine contoured face. Though captivating to look at, they hold a maturity in them uncommon for one as young as she, and act as a wall, holding in, and hiding the true hurt in her heart. Though she does not look a thing like her parents, her cream coloured coat, and unique eye colour can be attributed to much more diluted genes that her mother's side of the family possessed, though rarely displayed. Were someone able to look back far enough, they would find that she is in fact a spitting image of her great grand mother.  As a pup, her proportions are slightly off. Lengthy, lean legs act as stilts for her maturing frame. With time, she will fill out into a large female, standing at 87cms, built for endurance and strength. Being a female, and having a more slight frame than males her size, she will possess a fair speed advantage, especially with the aid of her long legs.

To call this pup a spit-fire would be an incredible understatement. With little memory of her mother save for the false reality that traumatic events helped form, she holds a bitter resentment towards her blood family, and Erenyx in general. That bitterness the dwells inside her pushes her to test the limits of everyone and everything around her. Earning this feisty pup's respect is far easier said than done. She is not quick to trust, and will push every button she can to determine the true nature of another. She has a sharp tongue, and a quick, snarky wit to go with it. Though she rarely intends to be truly hurtful in her words, sometimes she speaks without really thinking of the consequences of exactly what she says, and to whom she says it. There is an aspect of insecurity to her sharp tongue and pushy attitude, in that she is quite large for a female. Her tall, lean legs stand her a fair deal higher than most pups her age. Despite her vanity driven insecurity, Blaire is bold, and forward. Her every action and movement exudes a confidence in her innerself, and in her abilities. She takes great pleasure in proving those who think little of her, just how very wrong they are. She is always looking to better herself, and her skills though it can be hard for her to admit when she needs help.



A sole pup remained alive after a trying pregnancy. Though three were born, it was but one lanky female that remained by the time the sun rose on the morning of the next day. But time was of the essence for Blaire's struggling mother. Her pup held the blood of a male whom was considered a traitor. It was her deepest belief that their Alpha, the black demon wolf, would come for her pup; that he would take her life before it had even begun, and so she knew she had but one choice. She needed to run, not for her own sake but for the sake of her daughter. Taking her pup by the scruff, Naomi fled under cover of darkness, never to look back, but in doing so her life soon met an untimely end.

Desperation and maternal instinct had driven her from the sanctuary of her pack, but all on her own, in her weakened state, and with a young life to protect, she was helpless when confronted with a monster five times her size and strength. Though she fought valiantly, she was in the end no match for the bear that claimed her life, and left her pup an orphan. Alone, hungry, and scared, the young pup whimpered for her mother, but it was not her mother that greeted her. A strange face with an unfamiliar scent stood before her, examining her momentarily before reaching out to her. Dazed and confused, Blaire squirmed and yipped, but it was no use. The large black wolf had grabbed hold of her scruff, and started off further into the woods. Fight though she tried, she was tired and hungry, and eventually sleep claimed her, only to awake in a strange new place, set before yet another stranger.

It was here at the paws of this stranger that her fate was decided. Agavos was to be her home, and Fel her keeper. This was all a great deal for her little mind to comprehend, and at the time she did not know what to make of this day. As time passed, the events of the day became blurred, and her young mind concocted a false reality to protect her from the truth. In her mind, her mother had abandoned her; had left her alone, at the mercy of nature's wrath, to die, but thanks to the graciousness of a passing wolf, she was given a second chance. A chance to prove that she was worth more than what her mother thought of her. And it is here, in Agavos, that she will prove that worth.  

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PostSubject: Re: Apprentice Blaire Apprentice Blaire Icon_minitimeMarch 26th 2016, 08:13

Apprentice Blaire R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, feel free to post where you like in Agavos!


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Apprentice Blaire

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