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Hunter Emma of Agavos - Adoption

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Hunter Emma of Agavos - Adoption Empty
PostSubject: Hunter Emma of Agavos - Adoption Hunter Emma of Agavos - Adoption Icon_minitimeMarch 26th 2016, 20:25

Date Available: Now

Name: Emma

Gender: Female

Age: Four

Breed: Timber x Gray

Height: 67cm

Rank: Hunter.

mma is a a fairly small wolf, standing at about 67 centimeters tall and weighing in at about 102 pounds. Her fur is a musky white/gray. Closer to her hindquarters, there are clear darker areas where the gray begins to show. Her eyes are a beautiful pale blue-green that her fur assists in making them stand out like a firefly in the darkness of night. She has no visible marks on her body caused from injury. All scars are hidden by her fur and are only visible when looked for closely. Emma has small speckles of black above her nose, which makes her much more recognizable along with her unique eyes.

Personality: Emma's personality is must of that of a naive pup. Although she is nowhere near naive, her soul is pure and sweet. She's gentle, but can easily become feisty when provoked. Nothing frustrates her more than being doubted, but rarely has an attitude or aggressive response to things. Although she's a quite one, her mind is always racing with ways of advancing her skills or quality of living for herself and her pack mates. She's cunning and swift, which is why she's the perfect little huntress. Don't be fooled, it's the quiet ones you should worry about.



Born and raised in the western forests, Emma had a simple life as a pup. Her mother was a autay and her father, a guardian. She was always proud of her family, and nothing changed that as she lived with them for so many moons. She had only one sibling, a brother names Tucker. They were inseparable since birth. They had nothing but each other and their imaginations growing up. Due to the fact they were the only litter born that spring, they had no other pups to play with. They made up their own games and played them constantly in between training. Emma never knew exactly what she wanted to do in her pack, but knew she wanted to make a difference. Consulting her father, he convinced her to train as a warrior, to where she would be one of the strongest female wolves in the pack. She loved the idea, and began to train immediately. Her mentor was an older male by the name of Moe, who was a Beta within their small pack. He trained with her as often as possible, and she grew to love the old male. He was almost like another father to her. Once she turned a year old, it was clear that Moe's health was declining rapidly. He was constantly coughing and couldn't move as fast as he had before. They don't know what he came down with, but it never spread and it eventually killed him within weeks. Emma's heart broke for him, and she didn't know how to cope in the slightest. Taking out her anger, sadness, and frustration on training any sparring with Tucker, she was determined to be the best, just like Moe knew she would be.

Months went by, and Emma was now a strong warrior in the pack. She was one of the most cunning and strong for a female her size. Although she was quite feisty, it was clear that her gentle nature never left. She was always trying to help someone, and had a love for watching over the little ones that come into the pack each spring. She loved the pups, reminding her of her own childhood and potential family in the future. Her mind was always in the clouds, thinking about the future and what great things were yet to come into life. But soon, life shattered around her. In the hot months of July, the heat was unbearable and the dry foliage around them was a dangerous hazard. A wildfire broke out and sent the pack running. She and her family darted off into the wilderness. She was just glad that she had them with her. They tried to find their pack for days after the fire was put out by a store that swept through the area, but they had no luck. Nothing could be found of them. All they could think was that they found one another and went searching for a new home, this was when the hard parts of life began.

They traveled weeks on end in search of somewhere to call home, but they had no luck. Emma was beginning to think that they were going to be loners, rogues, or outcasts for the rest of their lives. It upset her greatly, and her brother knew it. It was an upsetting time for him as well, she had heard that he had found a lover and planned to be mated very soon, but he was separated from her in the fire. Her heart ached for her little brother, but knew he would be alright. Her mother was getting older an weaker by the day. She knew that they wouldn't last long outside of their pack. They heat was bearing down on them to the point on exhaustion. They couldn't go on. They found a small cave and took refuge there. Emma knew she and her family needed help, but the only way they could find that is if one of them left to find a place to make life easier. She was the only one that wasn't completely exhausted from traveling, so she volunteered to go off and search for a home for them, a pack. Her family pleaded her not to go, that it was too dangerous,, but Emma knew that this was the matter of life and death for her ill mother. She said goodbye to her loved ones and set off.

Emma was out on her own for a month or two, not having any luck finding a new home. It wasn't until the middle of her second month alone, did she realize that she would have no way to get back to her family if she did find a place. Her mother would surely be gone by the time she were able to get back, as well as her father. Tucker would have gone off to find a home of his own. She howled. It was deep and sorrowful as reality kicked her in the head. She knew it was too late to get back and see them. hey would be gone by then. Her tail drooped and she carried on her way.

In the winter months, she met a young male by the name of Quintin. He was a nice young male, and clearly had an interest in the beautiful young Emma. They mated that winter, only to being a pup into the world. She was proud of her son, but not so much his father. He disappeared after he had realized he would have to care for the two. She didn't have anyone to hunt for her so she could feed her little one, and sadly, this lead to his death. Emma was heartbroken and couldn't believe that she lost her baby. It upset her greatly, but knew that she had to carry on to ind her way to somewhere she could call home. Her sweet and gentle nature had lead to another death, her own son who she named after her father, Chance. She moved along to find her way to a new home, where she came across Age.


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Hunter Emma of Agavos - Adoption

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