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Cael Of Agavos
Cael Of Agavos

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PostSubject: Cael Cael  Icon_minitimeJune 18th 2016, 16:19

Name: Cael

Gender: Male

Age: 5 Years

Breed: Timber Wolf

Height: 86 cm

Pack: Agavos

Rank Requested: Warrior

Cael stands at 86 cm, large compared to most others. He is strong, muscles very visible from his intense training and skill work. His body is larger around due to muscles and from a distance he wouldn’t seem to be as large as he is. He would look like a normal sized wolf until approached. Most wolves wouldn’t expect a brute of his size to be fast, but with his skill training he worked himself up to being a strong and fast wolf, compared to others of his size. His eyes are pure green and indeed, very beautiful. Although when on his bad side, you definitely would not enjoy looking at his eyes as he stares you down. Cael is not the nicest looking wolf, with wire-like fur and only a few soft spots. His fur is an smoky white color with black noticeable all throughout it. The black is especially noticeable on his back, face and down his tail. Cael also has many scars buried beneath his fur and all over his body. Most not being too obvious, but still showing through. Each one telling a story of its own. Upon meeting Cael, he would seem like a dull wolf. Almost never smiling and always having a straight face, he does not show much emotion at all and instead is quite serious looking. Especially when you meet him one on one in battle, you would never want to be face to face with those yellow and red stained teeth. In fact, Cael is terrifying to meet in battle all together.  

Cael is not a nice and enthusiastic wolf, his personality is a bit more mellow and neutral. He is willing to be loyal to his Alpha and stay calm when it matters. But he does have a dark side, and you do not want to mess with him if you know what he has done. He is not at all afraid to speak his mind so he can easily offend wolves. Although he normally distances himself from others, due to being easily annoyed by others. He is brave and has little to no fears. Cael is quite independent when it comes to hunting, training and his social life altogether. Cael is respectful towards those of higher rank, knowing his place in a pack. His past did give him the need to show all wolves that he is not weak, being the reason why he always is training himself and keeping himself strong. Although he does have a soft side, that almost never comes out. If another wolf reminds him of his family, then he will show them a different side of himself, but other than that, he does not show any sympathy or caring towards others. Others may not even approach him because of how serious he seems.


Faceclaim is Hardy

Five years ago, one Winter, an Alpha visited the den of a young and beautiful Hunter forcing her to mate with him. She was a polite and kind wolf, but when it came to being forced to mate, she would not allow that. She tried to fight him, but finally gave up and mated with him. Afterwards he promised her a higher rank in the pack, only if the pups that were brought would be his minions. The Huntress couldn’t deny such a deal and agreed with her Alpha. That Spring five pups were born. One female and four males, one of them being a white and black brute, named after his grandfather, Cael. The others smaller and not as noticeable at first glance. More like their mother. The five stayed with their mother until they were old enough to eat meat. Then they started their training. Cael being their father's favorite, was trained by his most trusted friend. Their pack was a pack where speaking your mind was not allowed and all wolves were specially trained in everything in order to be well rounded and organized. Every full moon there would be pack training all together where they would work on battle techniques. After an year and a half of being in the pack and being alive, wars started being waged by other packs against them for their “dark” ways of training. The first battle killed the Beta of the pack, so the Delta took his place and Cael got placed as Delta. His new job no longer being a mindless drone following orders, instead he was in the front giving orders, in charge of calling what battle technique to use. These wars continued until his second summer, a large wildfire tore through the lands. Killing almost all wolves and creatures in the forest.

Cael managed to escape, and soon after getting out he found a few Rogues who were willing to accept him in their small gang. They trained him of their ways, forcing him to kill anything that crossed their path, whether pup or adult. He followed through, being young and dumb. He thought these wolves were his friends when really they were just there to use him for his strength. He stayed with these cannibal rogues for two and a half years, until they went crazy. They turned on him and tried to attack him, forcing him to fight and kill them. Afterwards he started traveling, realizing what he did was wrong. He decided it was time for reform, time to give up those evil ways. Although he found it hard, he still tried to make himself better. Eventually he was just a normal traveling wolf, no longer craving the taste of wolf meat and death. Instead he simply craved silence, strength and to be left alone by all creatures. He didn’t want a pack, in fact, he didn’t want to be anywhere near wolves at all. Until he started feeling a sort of loneliness. He started wanting something to be proud of and defend. So he started his search for a pack of his own. At the age of 5 years, Cael arrived in the lands of Age. With four choices of a pack, he had to make an educated guess at what would be the best for him.

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Re: Cael Cael  Icon_minitimeJune 20th 2016, 08:25

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Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks
- Relationships
- Height Chart
- Character List

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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