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Plots O' Fun

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Marrok of Helidos
Marrok of Helidos

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PostSubject: Plots O' Fun Plots O' Fun Icon_minitimeJuly 13th 2014, 19:44

Beta Marrok
~Proud~ ~Trustworthy~ ~Romantic~

Love-Taken by the lovely Beta Juno

Friend (male)-Marrok could use a good friend, preferably a male. Someone he can lean on, talk to and be buds with. A male to go out and hunt late one night and possibly vent to is what he would like.

Enemy-This wolf or wolves could be of Erenyx or Helidos. By what means makes the Beta and this wolf hate each other is unknown and is up for debate.

Apprentice-Marrok excels in hunting large game and fishing. He is also well skilled in combat and endurance exercises. He would be willing to take on a younger wolf to shape up some of those skills.

Guardian Chiara
~Focused~ ~Hard working~ ~Vengeful~

Love-Taken by Magnus <3

Friend-Chiara could use a few friends, either male or female. She wouldn't be the closest to them, but could elan on them from time to time. A mutual respect for one another would be needed, but to be a friend of Chiara would mean a friend for life.

Enemy-With Steele and her father dead Chiara needs a enemy to haunt her desire to kill. Watch out though, Chiara can hold a grudge for a long time and it won't take much to turn into a enemy of hers.

Sparring partner-Just what the title is. Someone to bounce fighting tactics off of. This wolf would need to be respected in her eyes and trustworthy enough that she doesn't feel that her secrets would be used against her.

Trainee-Not so much of an apprentice, but more like someone who she could brush up some basic fighting skills with. Chiara teaches in odd ways and uses different methods to teach strength and stamina. Not all can mold to her methods and most don't walk away unscathed.


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Plots O' Fun

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