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All about Lead Warrior Claudia

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Profile - Lead Warrior Claudia Claud_Sig
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Lead Warrior
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3.5 Years
History :
Claudia remembers very little of her puphood, her mother, father and siblings are faceless and nameless to her and she has no idea if they are still alive or not. She was sold from her birth pack, Tortall along with several other faes born that season. As a pup, she was trained relentlessly with the group she was brought in with. The males had to train separately and only certain females got any training at all. Some were simply used to breed pups but Claudia was one of the few that seemed promising and were trained in hopes that they could be mated to the higher ranking wolves. Claudia was quick to dominate those who went up against her and climbed up ranks with what she was told was an 'incredible speed'. She was sly, had this way of joking around with you only to stab you in the back. It wasn't even that she was exactly evil but merely she did what needed to be done to survive this new pack, and it wasn't usually pretty. The main reason that Claudia found it easier than others to survive was that she did not get attached to anyone. She had always been one to rely on sarcastic and witty remarks, usually offending others and making her very difficult to hang around with for long and most made every effort to avoid being in her company. It had always just been her, she was independent and strong-willed and wouldn't let anyone push her around. Of course she got scared sometimes, she was young and alone but the point was- she never showed this and instead covered it with an arrogant and confident mask without even noticing and causing most to dislike her for it.

Once she reached what was considered a 'decent age' in this pack, being only a little older than a yearling, Claudia was chosen from the now much smaller group of females to be mated to the Guardian male. Any time before this in her puphood was just spent training continuously and there was little to nothing out of the ordinary to record. Being chosen to be mated to the Guardian male was supposed to be an honor in this pack but it disgusted Claudia, she knew nothing about the older male and had no interest in being with him but the fae had no say in anything to do with her life. She was a mere object in their eyes, a trading chip used between packs. They chose Claudia due to her physical strengths and talents when it came to sparring, beautiful looks being her ebony pelt and stunning forest green eyes and her independent, strong-willed personality which unlike some of the others, made them hope that she would be better at being a mate than some of the others that would practically try to make him a fatherly figure. There had always been that few that had really been affected by the loss of their parents and literally acted like two month old pups, trying to be babied by every adult figure they came across. Claudia simply observed it with a look of disgust although she would feel a small spark of sympathy for them although she would never admit it. Another few months went by of even more intense training and prepping now that they knew that she was chosen to be the new Guardian female. Of course, she was proud of herself for being chosen out of every other female and in any other circumstance being the new Guardian female would've been her dream. But she did not like the fact that she would have to be mated to an older male she didn't know and would never get proper respect because of her gender.

It was a dark night when a fae visited her during dark and late hours. She was told that it was time to meet her future mate. At this time Claudia was only two years old. The wolf told her that she was his mother and that he was a strong and handsome male that went by the name of Magnus. Claudia tried to keep her cocky mask on and strutted out behind the fae into the strong blizzard that had fallen earlier that day but inside she was breaking, this was not the life she wanted yet she had no choice but to obey. They reached the den and yes okay, he had been handsome but she did not feel anything for him and her heart had been racing with the cooped up emotions of anger and upset at how unfair this is. Yet she remained still and silent, chin raised defiantly. If this was the life she was burdened with then she'd meet it with a strong attitude. However a few things happened very quickly which left her shocked. One moment, the brute was standing there unhappily and the next he was snarling and fighting viciously with the fae that had brought her in, his mother. Claudia had stepped back, watching the fight keenly but not interfering. This was personal and she knew it would not be appreciated by either of them if she interfered. After an intense fight, she could see them both weaken when opportunities arose to make the killing blow. Finally the mother threw Magnus to the snowy ground and told him to run away and never return before raking her fangs over his muzzle and leaving him with a nasty wound. He left and his mother made Claudia swear to never speak a word of what happened to anyone or she would be murdered. Claudia promised and followed the mother back to her den, silently thanking Magnus for letting her choose her faith. Or so she thought, a silly and foolish thought it was. Of course they wouldn't waste her, they had it arranged that she'd be mated to a mere Warrior instead the next day but something new had blazed up within her.

If Magnus got away then so would she or she'd die trying, she was not going to live this life. She waited until she was alone with the Warrior and used all the training she'd gained to fight him. She took him by surprise giving her the upper paw from the start and killed him but help came. By this time she'd already gotten outside where the blizzard still howled strongly. She got in another fight with the backup brute who'd heard the sounds of a fight. She didn't think she would win to him and after a particularly bad blow that left her unable to see anything out of one eye she thought she was going to just give up and accept death but a particularly strong gust of wind knocked a sapling between the two and in the moments it took for him to get around it, Claudia was already fleeing in the opposite direction. She was chased for a while, the original brute joined by a couple more but after a while they gave up when the alpha decided that it was pointless to risk males getting killed in the storm for a mere female. Everyone just presumed she would die anyway and Claudia thought so too. She was alone, injured, cold and hungry. It took her ages to find shelter and it was sheer look that the shelter she found was already inhabited by Magnus.

He wasn't exactly welcoming towards her but she forced him to let her shelter there for the night and he finally grudgingly agreed. The next morning Claudia found out she was blind in one eye, she had never felt so shook and would've broken down right there if it hadn't been for the fact that she didn't want to in front of the male. So she kept a strong mask on and let him help her although he kept reminding her it was just because he wasn't in the mood for another dead wolf on his paws and that was all. After that he went to leave in search of somewhere to shelter and go into hiding and Claudia found herself tagging along. There was a lot of grumbling from the male but eventually he just gave up and the two trekked along together. Their whole relationship was trying to beat each other when it came to making the best witty remark and there was a whole lot of offending each other. Every time he'd make a comment, she'd shoot one right back and vice versa. However as time went on, the two started to form a sibling type bond and Claudia found herself getting attached in the way that she started seeing him as an older brother figure although she would never admit it to him and instead just declared that she found him slightly more tolerable. After a while they came across the pack, Tortall where Claudia had originally been from. They decided to hide out there for a while, where Magnus finally agreed to helping her train to still be able to be a proper fighter despite the loss of sight in one eye. They couldn't do a lot due to being in hiding but Claudia was quick to learn and adapted to only being able to see out one eye very quickly. He kept reminding her the whole time about how it was only because he didn't want to get himself killed and all that but Claudia ignored him. It was how they managed to get along, ignoring each other or replying with their own remark. However one day she saw Magnus and another wolf who went by Drogo, sneering at each other and obviously having some kind of argument and next day he was gone. Magnus just left. No comment nothing. Claudia knew she shouldn't have let it bother her, they obviously weren't actually siblings and must not have secretly cared for the other in a sibling kind of way deep down like she'd thought. Hurt, she sheltered in Tortall for a while longer before leaving.

She became a loner when she turned 3 and spent half a year alone but at 3.5, she was ready to try and start over in another pack before Winter kicked in again. When hearing about a new pack being created she decided to start out there, thinking it would be easier to get accepted into a pack that needed members.
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Lead Warrior Claudia
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