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Marona's puppyhood was relatively normal, as one can be, being called a runt. She grew up in a litter of four pups with her as the youngest of two boys and two girls. Born to a pair of proud warriors, she grew into a sweet young pup. She romped and played with her sibling, as is the way with wolves, but as their games grew more serious when they grew up, Marona's speed served her well. She learned to turn swiftly, slashing her fangs into the shoulders of her siblings or their necks. She wasn't the fastest but she was getting there and she too sported a bruise herself for not moving out if the way fast enough. Nor was she the strongest. Often when the siblings pitted their strength against each other she was usually the one to end up getting rolled. Anger would flare every time she was rolled onto her back but she would concede defeat much to her frustration. She became determined to do better. To find a way to compensate for her slight lack of strength.

As the days went by and seasons had passed, the young pups had weathered their first winter fairly well and came into their first year. A lithe frame covered in creamy colors turned a grey pelted pup into a lovely creamy fawn colored fey. It would be that year that the she wolf would start to come into her strength. Oh, not physical strength, no. It would be strength of mind. She had been nosing around the kill pile not particularly hungry, when she heard urgent voices speaking in low tones. Silently, like a wraith she slipped forward. Allowing the heavy scent of dead prey to cover her own, she crept as close as she could to hear.

"There are only four pups born, and none of them by the Alphess. She is getting weaker as well as the alpha. He lets his second in command lead more while he hovers over that female. He is weakening. It would be a mercy to kill her than let her suffer. We need our alpha." a male voice said. "I don't like his second, Frebec. he is too arrogant and a strutting braggart. It would seem a mercy to kill the Alphess but what if the Alpha looses his will to live. Then Frebec would be Alpha." a second male voice said. "Kill the Alphess, then make it look like Frebec did it. Then we kill him, simple as that." Came a third voice.  Marona listened with a quickening heartbeat. What these three were discussing was treason. Not to mention the dark knight that had approached her with charm and gleaming yellow eyes. She could tell that Frebec had a dark side to him and she had to admit, it excited her. Without delay, she quietly slipped away and trotted to the den of her soon to be lover.

A week passed, Marona had indeed caught the interest of the large gray beta male. She had become useful in collecting information on the other wolves of the pack and was deciding on what his next move was. The Alpha had seemed to have his mind set on the Alphess more than the welfare of the pack. It would have been a mercy to end her life but he also wanted to take control of the pack. It was more his than anything. Then he decided that he would do it himself. He would end both the Alphas' lives with his creamy lover beside him. He had taught her the beginnings of the darkness that resided in himself. He could see that she was very eager to learn what he had to teach. Perhaps this will show me if she truely wants to learn.

Three days later:
Banished. She was banished for her crime and she was lucky she even had her life. The take over had been a failure. Marona had had a change of heart in the midst of bloodshed and now she was confused about what she would do next. In beginning her blood had quickened at the thought of being an Alphess after her lead laid lifeless at her feet. It was a mercy to end the suffering of one who was a fair leader so Marona had made it a quick death. She had come in to the den, the Alpha had slipped out a time before, and asked her leader quite calmly if she wished for it to be over. Although Marona's position on the pack wasn't high it was still higher than omega, giving her free reign to actually have such thoughts.

But while the blood was still warm and being soaked up by the dry ground, the Alpha had come back. Denial had rang through the enclosed den in a savage roar, the male stealing to his deceased mate's side. His voice sobbing her name had sliced to Marona's own heart, but for the pack she hardened her heart. The next thing she knew she was racing from the den to the open, her head whipping around in search of her lover. He came to her with bloodied jowls, the results of dealing with competition. Suddenly the Alpha surged into their midst, going for Marona. His lips had been pulled so far up away from his teeth that you could have seen his black and pink gums. This was his move, her lovers opportunity. And he did. Lunging forward the males crashed together. Snarling and snapping they tore into each other, blood rained down on the crowd that had gathered to witness. Witness a probable take over.

It didn't last long, all eye were riveted upon the pair that fought to the death, not seeing a slinking movement on the outer ring of spectators. When the challenger finally lay still, the alpha male looked at Marona. Fire still raged in his eyes. His snarl still ringing the air in challenge, as he stalked towards her. Here was death. Her lover slain by him and now he would slay her. His head was low, front legs stiff and his tail straight out. Marona laid her ears back, her lips pull back very little, as she looked behind her Alpha. Then, a flash of movement caught her eye. Another male leaped upon the back of the Alpha. Marona sprung upon the pair, aiming for her adversary. But instead of sinking her fangs into the Alpha, her teeth sank into the other. It was only by chance, that when the Alpha spun away from her, and it brought the second attacker into her line of fire, thus her fangs sinking into the neck of the second male.

But she hadn't been aiming for the Alpha, she had been aiming for the other male. Instincts kicked in, and she squeezed her eyes shut as tightly as they would go shaking her head violently. She held on refusing to let go until the attacker lay still. Marona then backed away from the corpse. Her ears again laying against her skull. The Alpha, looked at the surrounding pack, then turned to glare fiery hatred at Marona. His stance stiffened once more, gray and white muzzle opening and one word snarling forth, "Run."

If her face could drain of blood in fear, it would have in that moment. The young and inexperienced fae turned tail and fled through her homelands. This was a race for life and the young girl was determined to win it this time. Howls and snarls chased after her, snapping at her heels, spurring her on. The howls had the excitement of the hunt but anger could be heard in an under tone. At one point, she felt her tail sliding through the jaws of her, and she put on more speed. Then she was over their boarder, and in the neutral lands. She kept going, not looking back to see if they still followed or hung back to stop at the boarder. Her lungs began to burn for air but she didn't stop. Her mind was a screaming black void as she concentrated on running for her life. She ran for hours until she realized that no one was still following her. When she finally slowed to a stop, her creamy sides were heaving. Branches clacked together, in the first light of a fall day. Dry, brittle leaves fluttered in a nippy breeze, as the young fae slowly kept walking. She didn't know where she was going or what she was going to do, but she did have her life when she probably shouldn't. Who knows where she would end up.
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