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All about Apprentice Blaze

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Profile - Apprentice Blaze Wolf_a11
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6 months
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Not looking exactly like his mother or father, Blaze is a color all his own. Streaks of the light fur of his father are swirled with the darker shades of his mother. His fur is fairly thick, but not too thin. Just enough to provide him a little extra fluff to warm him on cool days. Although he's young and growing, he's predicted to be fairly close to his father's height, almost matching it. His honey amber eyes are nothing spectacular, simple yet curious all their own. No scars of visible injury can be seen on his body, but surely will have one or two as he ages. Quick on his paws, but clearly more bulky and built than his sister and mother, Blaze has keen sight and learns new skills relatively quickly. This gives him the advantage to quickly pick up new skills and progress in his training.
Although he is quiet and keeps to himself majority of the time, Blaze is a slightly complicated soul. Not entirely outgoing, but not completely reserved. His attitude is most similar to his father in a way. He's independent yet stubborn when told to do something he did not want to do. He respects his parents, yet will not let them control every aspect of his life. Although wanting to be his father's pride and joy, his strong-willed attitude helps him. Blaze is determined and not one to easily give up when he knows he can do something if he does it enough times. Strongly believing in practice makes perfect. He has strong opinions on subjects and will tell you what he thinks when asked of him. He's not afraid to speak his mind, but knows what to say depending on who he happens to be talking to.
Born in the lands of those who roam and are bound by no rules, Blaze and his only sibling, Akira, were raised by their rogue mother and has their pack wolf father visit them whenever he could. In due time, the young pups were given the option to remain in the open lands with their mother, or follow their father to where he loyally served his pack. Choosing to go with his father, along with his sister, they would soon part with their mother to start a new adventure.
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Apprentice Blaze
Apprentice Blaze
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