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Drake Joining Profile (Finished)

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PostSubject: Drake Joining Profile (Finished) Drake Joining Profile (Finished) Icon_minitimeJuly 11th 2015, 22:30

Name: Drake

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years

Pack: Erenyx

Rank Requested: Hunter

Drake is an average sized wolf. He is 80 cm from his paws to shoulders. His nose is black with dark brown fur trailing up his snout turning into black fur that makes a mask look on his face. His back is black mixed with speckles of dark brown, tan, and red. While the fur on his belly and his fur on his chin area is cream colored. His tail is black on top with a black tip while he has a red/ dark brown color on the bottom and his eyes are a light gold color. He only has one scar on his left side starting at his shoulder and trailing down his side until right before his hind leg.    


Drake was raised in a rough pack that didn’t accept any weakness. From the moment a pup could run without difficulty they started training. When a female has her pups she usually is still in charge of duties around the pack, but once the pups are able to run with no difficulty, the female and father must start training the pups. If a pup is injured bad during training they are killed or banished. Although Drake didn’t have much difficulty with the training and as he got older he noticed that his brother was the stronger of the pups. None of the pups knew what was coming when one day when they were all called out for a meeting. They were all older now, but not a year old yet. The Alpha announced that the pups would all have to battle, and if they didn’t fight they would be banished or possibly killed on spot. The pack formed a circle around the pups leaving no gaps for escape. Drake was a bit nervous, as he looked at his sibling. They never really knew each other good because they were always separated, and now he realized why. “Goodbye siblings.” he whispered to himself before looking at them all. He stopped looking around when he noticed his stronger brother. His sight was set on the smallest of the siblings. Drake would not allow his brother to take the weak way out. He needed to help his siblings by taking out his brother.

He waited for the Alpha to tell them that they could start before taking off at the larger male. He noticed that a couple others were too. There was exactly five siblings there, not including Drake and Drake had no idea where the last sibling was. He just threw himself at his brother and snapped at him before noticing that the others could deal with him. He backed up and looked around, just in time to see his sister running at him. He braced himself and waited for her to get in his reach then grabbed the smaller wolf and pinned her to the ground. “Sorry sister.” he whispered, right before biting into her neck. He cut off the circulation for her to breath and as he did so, got his first taste of wolf blood. Once he heard her stop breathing he quickly looked back at where the larger brother took on three wolves. Drake noticed that he had gotten ahold of the smallest one and flung her away. That made Drake furious, he ran at his brother and jumped up just in time to land on his back. Drake heard cracks coming from all over and realized that he had broke his brothers back, paralyzing him. Drake noticed the other two looked at him thankfully but furious at the same time. He knew immediately that he must kill them. So he did. Drake was the last one standing, with only a few injuries. After the battle, it was his turn to choose a Mentor, so he did. He chose the Beta of the pack, and that was his first step to getting his new rank.

A couple months later he became a Warrior, he swore that he would risk his life for the safety of the pack. One day out on patrol he found an enemy wolf on their territory, so he fought it off and won, not long after though he took on two wolves. He held them off until his Mentor and a couple other wolves found him and helped defeat them. He was only a year old when that happened. But when he reached the age of two year his Mentor was killed in a battle with a Puma. Although he accepted another Mentor a couple months later. But only a couple weeks after, a rock slide killed all but three members of his. He was injured in the rock slide and got a long gash in his side from his shoulder down his side until right before his hind leg. He left right away to find a new pack, he had no idea how to live without a pack, he needed to find a safe home. And so he did, he joined another pack that had completely different pack laws. He had such a difficult time getting used to it that he had to accept another mentor in order to get one on one time to learn. After a year with that pack he found that nobody really trusted him. And when one of his pack members were killed, he was framed and banished from the pack.

He finally decided that he would live on his own for awhile, but later on found a female that he liked. They lived together, hunted together, and fought side by side with each other for almost a year before they had to battle a bear. The two of them were no match for the bear, and in one swipe it hit his best friend right in the head. The force of the hit threw her far and right into a large rock. The hit had knocked her out but when she hit the rock it broke her neck, when the bear came charging at him, Drake had no choice but to run. The bear trampled right over the body, but Drake was already into the woods and heading back to nowhere at all. He was angered that the bear killed his best friend. He never had as close of a relationship with any wolf before, but he knew it was just the circle of life and quickly got over it. He traveled for awhile before he got extremely lonely and set out in search of a pack.

Joining Keys: Joining keys present and removed - Nnlya

How did you find Age? I used to be Hunter Gemini and Hunter Korbin, but now I am coming back new and better than ever. :3

Example Post:
The soft breeze ruffled his fur, right in front of him stood another wolf. One he always hoped never to meet again. His Alpha from his first pack looked at him with anger in his eyes. But there was another look too. Almost like he was insane, and blood thirsty. In front of the large Alpha was Drake's best friend. Laying in a pool of crimson liquid, a look of pure menace spread onto the Alpha's face and that was the last straw. Drake flew at the wolf and landed a large bite on the males shoulder, but the Alpha was to strong. He simply pushed Drake off of him and attacked him. All Drake saw was white before his vision went dark. The Alpha blinded him, all he could do was freak out. He moved forward and was soon mauled again. Pain spread through Drakes whole body. BANG Drake jumped up and looked around growling, he was still in his den alive. Relief spread through his body. Drake went to run outside wondering what the large bang noise was. But he stopped in his tracks when he saw a tree in his way. Drake moved forward cautiously and looked for a place where the branches weren't so thick. When he finally found a place he climbed out and got ready for his daily routine.

First Drake needed food. He walked through the forest before he caught scent of a rabbit. He crouched down and started stalking his way towards the scent. Soon enough the rabbit came into his sight. He got as close as he could then pounced at the creature. He closed his jaws firmly around the rabbits neck and with a small crunch, killed it. He started eating right away, not wasting any time. Once he finished he headed straight for the mountains, he needed something difficult to fight. Something that could make him stronger. And right away he found it, a moose. He started stalking towards it as he made a strategy. But before he could even plan a strategy the wind changed and the moose knew he was there. It was mad, it turned right away and charged. Drake jumped out of the way as fast as he could and pounced at it landing a bite to the flank. He had no intention on killing the beast as he fought. It shook him off and tried to kick him but Drake knew it would try that already and was out of the way. He quickly jumped at it once more but missed and landed right where it could kick him. He went to duck as it kicked and felt the hoof scrape against his back. He yelped in pain and decided that he better just back down. One more stupid mistake could result in death. Drake turned his tail to the moose and with one last growl he ran for the woods. Losing it fast and going straight back to his den. He lost against a moose just like in his dream when he lost against his ex-Alpha.  

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PostSubject: Re: Drake Joining Profile (Finished) Drake Joining Profile (Finished) Icon_minitimeJuly 12th 2015, 10:40

Good to have you back <3

Drake Joining Profile (Finished) R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Drake Joining Profile (Finished)

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