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Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos

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Percy of Helidos
Percy of Helidos

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Gender: Male
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Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Empty
PostSubject: Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Icon_minitimeJuly 18th 2015, 00:39

Name: Percy

Gender: Male

Age: 4 Years Old

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Healer

Best categorized as a lengthy male, he stands at 80cm, a tad tall for the average timber wolf, but never of course abnormal. His mass exceeds to maintain a great amount of muscle, though mostly in his legs rather than his upper body, being that he wasn't suited for such training in that area. His fur acts as an illusion to his thin mass, making him appear bigger than normal, but certainly no real threat when shown his skills in a proper spar against another. He has a keen sense of hearing due to his large, triangular ears, a great advantage alongside speed and agility from his beautifully toned legs. But that much is all which he can achieve when using in combat, otherwise he is a mess of such things, and relies mostly on his stamina. Shades, consisting of a blue tinted grey, cover a majority of his body, tufts of white and tiny dusted patches of a light honey dash upon his face. A darker grey, a softer blueish color, saddles his back, while most of his underbelly is a ivory grey. His tail is rather long and a lot thicker in fur rather than the rest of his coat, much like the fur on the front of his chest. Its colors contain the same pigment as his back, and tends to edge in silver linings. His scent consists of a maple pine smell, for where he resided was merely surrounded by a wonderland of maple and pine trees. A wonderful scent indeed. As for eyes, oh so beautifully made and chosen as such a color, for it matches that of a stormy spring sky, a pale blue to match none other than he.


Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Ria11wsck_yukon_08

Percy was born into a rather broken pack, there lacked food, and water sources among their territories for there had been a loss of materials since the following winter. It was fortunate enough for his mother to remain carry him through such tough storms, she survived, as did the womb and the father, but most of the pack had decreased in numbers. Healers and Caretakers were at a loss, being they were stereotyped as the weaker portions in their numbers to begin with, leaving the pack at a poor start for the spring. Though the pup was thankful to be born beneath both his two elder siblings, Willow and Charles, whom had already been practicing a years of their youth from the year before in becoming wise hunters for the pack. Their work would not go unnoticed this time, for their skills would be much needed, even for that of a couple apprentices. Percy eventually began apprenticeship at the common age of six months, as expected of him, and when already a year had gone, the family was abruptly announced with even more expecting siblings, this time four were granted to the large family. The wolf kept to himself and adored his younger siblings, taking pride in being their older brother, though finding some loneliness and neglect now that he was known as the middle child of them all, only being one at this time, but equally envious of their arrival. Still, he showed his parents respect, and carried out his apprenticeship in the hopes of mending the broken. It wasn't until long did the younger pups start being apprentices as well, Percy only being a couple months from joining the pack, while they had just begun to get a taste of what it was like to learn from a wiser mentor.

For these six months until ranking, the wolf was made a teenage protector of his younger siblings, watching over them and making sure they behaved in front of their chosen teachers, just had his eldest brother done when he was their age. He fended off bullies that tried to pick on his younger brothers and beloved sister, all as well catering to his own needs of learning to heal when the litter was handled by older adults. Those months passed quickly for the male, his childhood was short lived, but he knew it was just the start. By this time, Percy's two eldest siblings had gained the pack ranks as Leads, side by side, and Percy was just at the start of becoming the pack's first male healer since the winter before his birth. More or less, he was surrounded by faes from a very young age, eventually accompanied by his youngest sister, Ginny, whom strived to be an apprentice beneath his own paws. Ever since the wolf had taken a liking into the practice of herbs, he had known his eldest brother Charles to not take praise in him as much as when he was thought to of had more potential in becoming a warrior at best. Unfortunately though, Percy went on to bigger and brighter things, opportunities so great as becoming the mentor of his favorite little sister, as well as even the Alpha's daughter too, which granted him plenty of fame. Gossip spread like wildfire among their ranks, for they were still short, but growing rapidly each day especially with the amount of pups produced that year alone. His parents were blessed wolves to have been given permission to birth so many pups at a continuous rate, he wondered sometimes as to if he'd be granted such a gift in the future, if love found his way.

Ginny, his youngest sister and apprentice, became very skilled in her first year of training underneath him. Though the litter of four younger than Percy were old enough by then to watch over themselves, their parents insisted they be protected at all costs. Despite this being a distraction to the strong healer, he obeyed to his parents, even as an adult, and made sure his siblings were sound. Every morning was so alike, and Percy began to question his lifestyle more often than not as to if he were living it the right way. He wasn't quite happy, but he was content with his decisions, perhaps, but something didn't feel so right in his head, he discovered in the couple months whilst training his sister. When Ginny was full grown and brought into the pack as a healer alongside Percy, things got a lot easier for the male. He was given a lot of down time to spar now that he wasn't busy mentoring anymore, and the healers had grown so widely, he tended to not know what to do with himself at times. So instead he'd explore to beautiful meadows and forests among the pack territories by himself. He'd walk and walk till his legs would make him stop out of exhaustion, and then he'd lay and observe his surroundings as a new place to have discovered and seen. Though one of the most beautiful things he had ever laid eyes upon was a mere fae whom he had met in a bluebell meadow one morning on his own. Her name was later revealed as Penelope, and he fell madly in love with her from the time his pale blues saw her across the blue grasses of that land. Those feelings grew to even stronger lengths when winter came around, but Percy was met with a broken heart as Penelope had been snatched by another brute much larger and stronger than he could ever face. Such anger rolled through the healer's bones, but this male was of the Delta rank, and was not to be taken back for a female. The male was left broken hearted, and Penelope had never known such feelings resided in the poor brute's heart for her.

Out of great misery and despair, Percy realized, even after all he had done to impress his family with being a healer, as well as the Alpha by teaching his own blood alone, that he would not make it in this world as he had liked. His intentions were to grow, to be of a more important roll than just a draby healer, but the alpha did not seek importance in such ranks, that they were only pawns in the game of a pack. He'd go no where from here, so his dreams were lead to prosper for freedom. He left the pack with small goodbyes and nuzzles to his littlest sister Ginny before taking the largest leap in life he had ever faced. Though his days as a loner were short lived when the healer had discovered his loss of strength to fend off predators, which caused many scars to line his sides and legs when he could not fight of himself. He knew to hunt well, to heal strong, but his skills in fighting lacked greatly in his favor. A pack was much needed of him, he knew this, and he'd sigh to this day at how foolish he was to give up on the life of a rogue in replace of packhood once more. Eventually, he tread west, and was sparked by a large pack's border. This is where he'd call home, he knew.

Joining Keys: Key present and eaten by a hungry wolf~Mod Rose

How did you find Age? Magic~ (Beta Juno)

Example Post:
Monster was one of the few names he'd had ever depicted himself to take after - let alone a danger, he was simply a creature amongst them all, their equal, the wolf preferred. But a bit superior upon the food chain. It wasn't his intentions to have such an appetite, he did not choose this life; but of course this life chose him, and society will never look back twice before judging the roguish lad. It was how the game was played, and shall it forever be a challenge to work around and simply ignore taking their turn. His mind beckoned several times to come ashore the likelihood of acceptance, but snouts would turn and eyes would not be met - their gazes were merely a figment of his imagination, to what was never, nor ever so clear to even himself. Trust was earn, not forced, and hunger worked the same way, thought the obscure canine. Stars were of the only few things that which lit his eyes other than its typical whiskey golden shade reflecting from the moonlight at the treetop's peeks between spring green leaves. The air-breathers of the nocturnal norm grew quiet, the locus's were hushed and the hoots of watching owls did not peep, for the wolf was among them.

He disregarded the lack of grasshopper chirps and scattering of fox feet singing into his ears, treading passed as praised be forgiven, did he find a journey into the smoke and hope there'd be some light of day at the end of the lonely tunnel. The taiga was enough to make him stir, keeping close to what seemed to be a paw-beaten path to what held no remorse for the grass-less earth below him. Far behind him would he hear the chorus of darkness echo off into the distance, slowly growing in tune the further he'd depart from its presence and into anew. The bubbling of a small creek followed along his side, his feet taking nimble steps upon the neighboring rocks that accompanied the tiny current running beneath and around them comfortably. A thin layer of fog rested just an inch from the ground, curling at his ankles, yet not as thick as he had thought within his nightly vision. He could still very much detect where his paws were at, and easily saw pebbles and twigs nearest to where he'd stride. As the waters phased into deeper depths, leading him carelessly further into the timber and wondrous neutral grounds, he'd begin to smell the scents of the intertwining packs at a reuniting stand point. So many smells, so little time to communicate, so very different, was what all his mind could manage to muster through the tar black aftermath.

The rush of water made his half attached ear flicker forwards with its once-was identical twin, standing tall and round on his head while his tail swayed effortlessly at his side. His golden brown hairs at the tip of his tail brushed at his ankles, making him pick up his pace to avoid any tickling or funny business. The corner of his maw twitching, he shook his head naturally to rid the unavoidable hunger twisting in his stomach and ignored it for any other excuse. He'd mask it with a suitable drink, to when he'd discover an even better mass of water connected to the narrow stream, leading into an adored display of waterfalls. The stars reflecting off the water's surface, the ripples of even the slightest touches beneath a water bug's race, and the moonlight illuminating it's tiniest bubbles coming up from the down fall of pressure made - it was breath taking. The wolf could hardly contain his internal joy, his demeanor emotionless and uncaring, but a heart of only a child could see so bright and glowing. The only give-away to his feelings were a single gentle flick to his tail before nearing forwards to the edge of the water for a reasonable sip. His snout lowered carefully, taking his time for there was no rush to be drawn, and made ease in the beautiful scene surrounding him. T'was only a work of art, a sight to be marveled, not destroyed or put to rest, but to simply enjoy to rest the state of evil.

A flower of white fluff then caused his eyes to peer slowly up from the water's edge - his masked expression softening to the image of his rogue-fellow coming to mind. "Little darling.. you appear so alone in such a dark place.." He'd manage a sincere whisper, speaking to it as if it were a child that he'd come to like, and care for with his forsaken heart. "Why must you be trapped here? You deserve to be free from the prison of life.." Said the rogue, his eyes of a dull yellow before giving a tiny puff of air, sending the plenty of tiny white specks apart and into the flowing air. The wolf would stare in awe as the fluffs would dance and spiral into the distance, landing either upon the water or over the grasses to where he could no longer come to see. His eyes closed with great bliss as the wind brushed along his fur, sighing in ecstasy. "Be free.."
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Rose Of Helidos
Rose Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Re: Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos Icon_minitimeJuly 18th 2015, 10:04

Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos R0it

Now before you can get started, please add your wolf to the following pages:

- Name Claim
- Ranks

Once you have completed these things, please head to the border of your prospective pack and post!


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Plead Mercy, for Percy | Helidos

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