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What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak]

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Warrior Alexander
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What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak] Empty
PostSubject: What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak] What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak] Icon_minitimeJune 13th 2016, 09:46

It twas mid-day, blinding chrysalis rays of sunlight casting upon the forest floors illuminating patches of grass. Specs of light danced among the forest floor, dipping and diving into the open air before there motions eased to the point the strange specs dazzled around the area. The fresh pines awoke from there winters rest, green needles beginning to blossom upon them creating a mess upon the ground. Humming slightly the young orphaned warrior began to stray from the pack territories,Alexander had always been a curious little critter from a young age. A persistent one too, he never knew how to shut his muzzle for even a second. Today was different though, it was probably the quietest he had been in months. Uneasiness crept over the young brute, however he did not stop nor turn around. He just kept on going. After all there was no one there to stop him, and he wasn't doing anything that would be considered 'breaking pack law'. Despite what others thought Alexander was very cautious with his decisions, however sometimes he could get a bit carried away and let his mind wander off to other places. Consumed within his thoughts the orphan strayed farther and farther from Helidos, unaware of what he were actually doing.

That twas before the young male tripped, tumbling down the inclined plain. A mass of yelps and barks escaping the brutes maw as he landed with a splash, Alexander began to gasp as his coppertoned head shot up above the river water. the young warrior began to frantically gasp for air his soaked chest rising and falling frantically with every quick staggered breath he took. A low growl emitted from the brute's chest as he pulled himself from the waters, "Damn Rocks..." huffed the male. Giving his pelt a slight shake the emerald eyed orphan twirled around slightly taking in the breath taking sight before him. As strange and girly as it may have sounded, it felt as if he had his own private wonderland to himself. No distractions, (although it was usually him that were the distraction), and no crowds. A perfect place for thinking.

After a few moments of pacing around the large area; Alexander found the perfect spot to sit. It wasn't to far from the flowing river, and provided enough shade and space for him to clearly see the scenery before him. Settling himself upon his haunches the young brute took in a deep breath, the past few months had been a trip. Between his mothers death, his pack leave, and travels the stress seemed to pile up onto him tumbling over atop of the brute all at once. A pang of guilt exploded inside Alexander's chest at the thought of his mother, he longed to see her once more to show her what he had become. But at the same time he was ashamed; ashamed of what he had become. He had led a life of sin most of his life and would he really want to stand face to face with the wolf that had conceived him and said 'I've done nothing...I'm helpless, hopeless'.

If he were given the chance to go back for her, it would make no difference. He'd still be ashamed, guilty, and embarrassed, senses had always been strange to Alexander. He knew his mother was dead, he knew his father had left. Sure he had watched his father walk out on him, but he had ever witnessed his mothers death. He knew that the illness had taken over her entire body, therefor he knew she was dead. Not even the strongest of wolves could've fought whatever had happened that night. A breathy sigh pushed past the brutes lips as he glanced down at the ground underneath him. He was a complete and utter train wreck, and he didn't know which way to go. Alexander knew that he hadn't done enough for himself or his family, which pushed him further into his arrogant ways. In all honesty the brute just needed some time to relax, ease his mind, and perhaps someone to talk to for once. To try and connect with another wolf like himself, or even make a few friends. Twas true, during his short time in Helidos he hadn't made any friends yet not one bit. Only the Alpha; which Alexander technically labeled him as an acquaintance rather than a friend due to there short chat at the border. For now he would be content with himself, despite all of the opinions he wished to speak and voice to the public, they would remain trapped inside of his mind for just the right amount of time.

Notes: This ended up a bit longer than I had intended, sorry about that.


What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak] New_si10
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What Comes Next? [Private ~ Achak]

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