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Why Not? [Open]

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Why Not? [Open] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Why Not? [Open] Why Not? [Open] - Page 2 Icon_minitimeApril 11th 2014, 07:51

The tension had yet to truly part with the four souls that exchanged cautious words. Although he felt as at ease as he ever could, he knew it was not the same for those that surrounded him - particularly Nnlya. She likely understood the disadvantage that she was at, her mind wandering to the thought often, and it proved peculiar that she had yet to find an escape. Perhaps he would have by now if he had stood in her position, but then again this was the perfect opportunity for her to learn something about Erenyx. Not from him, no. The multicoloured male with a handsome, yet unusually empty stare hardly fit in with the cruel, demented picture that Erenyx had somehow shaped. He was simply an observer, a collector of information, and someone that paid an abnormal amount of attention for always seeming so distant and distracted.

However, at this point in time, boredom would have entwined itself upon his facial features if he was known to freely exhibit his thoughts on his face for the world to perceive. He had lost every ounce of interest he could possibly muster. Nnlya was not so unintelligent as to share any other news from within Helidos's boundaries. He would have to wait until he encountered another from her pack, perhaps alone; one that could bring themselves to trust his vacant eyes and believe that he had no desire to usher juicy information from his lips. Which would be true, of course, unless such information proved useful beyond the mind's ability to restrain from sharing with his sovereign.

The Delta rose from his seat, a nod offered individually to each wolf that his eyes lingered upon. It was time for him to retreat; there was nothing more to be gained here, which would be the only thing to manage at keeping him in his spot. "It was lovely to make your acquaintance, Nnlya, though it is time that I return to my pack." Briefly, his eyes fluttered towards Tye, next familiarizing with the form of Cassiopeia nearby. He wondered how the three would fair in the absence of his company. Cassiopeia's rather . . . blood-thirsty mind was technically free to do as it pleased if one of higher ranking from Erenyx was not present to interfere. But he did not think so lowly of Tye. Surely, he'd be able to do as his abilities permitted if, with his leave, came the demon's sudden urge to take reign. The flick of an ear, followed shortly by the quick gesture of his tail, indicated that either Tye or Cassiopeia were free to join him if they, too, had experienced enough of socialization for one afternoon; but he would not fret, nor offer words of warning over muscular shoulders, if they decided to stay and chance their company for a little while longer.

[The thread can possibly end with everybody's next input? Unless you three wish to continue, in which case you can simply stop accounting for Irrationality's turn.]


Why Not? [Open] - Page 2 1z3o0gl
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Why Not? [Open]

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