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Fenris Of Helidos
Fenris Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Fenris Fenris Icon_minitimeJune 16th 2014, 17:00

Name: Fenris

Gender: Male

Age: 5

Pack: Helidos

Rank Requested: Warrior

One of the first things others notice about Fen, is his unusual way of speaking, old fashioned one might say. This is how his father and mother raised him and his kin to speak. Their virtues and beliefs were that of olds. Back to the time of their farthest ancestors. He is a large brute as far as wolves go, standing a good 3-4 inches above the average grey wolf. The hair that lies upon his back is like most of his kind. Flecks of intertwining black and grey adorn his back, which fades to lighter grey underneath. Large deep golden eyes stare out of his large face, taking in all there is to see. Where tragedy weakens some, and to others it blackens the heart, his misfortunes have given him strength. He is a wolf of few words, but those which he chooses to utter are never wasted and are said with purpose. "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice." Something he has long lived by throughout his life. He is a kind and gentle soul, but will not stand for injustice and wrong doing. He strives to keep the peace were he can, and will do all that is in his power to protect the innocent.


Fenris 2rolraf

Five springs ago, the alphas of the Mountain Valley pack gave birth to a litter of 3 pups. Fenrir, and his two beloved sisters Ivaylo (Ivy) and Toralu (Tory). As to be expected, Fen; being the only male of the litter, was expected to lay claim to the pack whence his fathers time had passed. His father, Loki, was a strict, but excellent leader, never allowing the pack to go hungry or unprotected. It was Loki and his mate Arianna who had created the pack. Outcasts from their previous pack, they had set out in search of a new start. A mixture of wolves from far and wide, the Mountain Valley pack was formed. Unconventional perhaps, but Loki and Arianna did everything in their power to provide for and protect those they now called their own.

Fen's upbringing was, rather unorthodox as one might say. Loki believed that in order for one to care for and rule over many, he must first be able to care for and be in touch with ones inner self. “Self control is the secret to being a successful alpha my son, take care never to forget this, and remember this above all; to thine own self be true.” These words have stayed near and dear to Fenrir's heart, more so ever since after the winter that changed it all.

The horror hangs fresh on his mind, as if it were just yesterday. Three winters ago, t'was the coldest winter the Mountain Valley had ever seen. What little prey survived the first few harsh week quickly moved on. Old man winter’s wrath continued to grow as the days grew darker. Loki refused to move the pack, a decision that would bring the fall of many. One by one our numbers began to dwindle. First to see their unfortunate end were the pups and the elders. For some, this loss was to much to bear and with their hope, so too diminished their will to go on. Before long few remained, Loki, Arianna, Ivy, and Fenrir. Arianna and Ivy begged Loki to leave, to set out in search for food. There was nothing left for the wolves in the mountains. But Loki refused. Old age had been anything but kind to his mind. Another week would pass before Fen's sister and mother would follow him out into the unknown in the cover of the night. He would never see Loki again. He had been his mentor and best friend. Teaching him to fight, to hunt, to control his mind, and be the leader he intended for him to become. A heart wrenching howl rang out that morning, one that unto this day still rings through his head. That winter would claim the lives of 2 more before it’s end, and Fenrir would walk alone.

But as fate would have it, there would be light after this storm for the somber giant. On his travels, Fenrir stumbled upon a beautiful land known as Havens Grove. It was here that Fenrir found purpose once more in the form of duty, and a love that would flourish. Accepted into the Maple Woods pack, Fen put his all into doing everything he could for the pack, and their beautiful Alphess who had captured his heart from the moment they met, Alphess Quinn. As time passed and the two grew closer, his love for her grew, and much to his surprise and delight, he too held a place in her heart. Upon confessing their feelings for one another, it was decided that the two would be mated, and rule over Maple Woods together as Alpha and Alphess. But their happiness was short lived when fate decided to once more deal Fenrir a most awful hand. Flames ravaged through Havens Grove one fateful night and Fen was separated from his love, and his pack. Devastated by the loss of all of those he loved and held dear, the once more distraught male took to searching once more, though this time he held no hope for happiness to find its way into his life once more.

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Quinn Of Helidos
Quinn Of Helidos

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PostSubject: Re: Fenris Fenris Icon_minitimeJune 16th 2014, 17:16

Fenris R0it

You know what to do!


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