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Beta Juno

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Juno of Helidos

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Wolf Information
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PostSubject: Beta Juno February 13th 2013, 14:03

Name: Juno

Gender: Female

Age: 4.5 years

Rank:  Beta

Piercing emerald green eyes and a black coat with a little peppered white underneath her chin, Juno is a odd wolf by appearance. She had a nice build for a female. The fae has very long toned legs that help her move faster and swifter though rough terrains. Elegant as she may seem, Juno likes to think differently. Juno expression most of the time is serious, but she has a sarcastic yet humorous way of thinking. She tends to leave one of her ears down while the other is propped skywards upon her small head. Most of the time she’s silent since she wasn’t so socially interactive from her childhood. Other than her emerald green eyes and nice build, she’s invisible to the world just the way she likes it.



Juno grew up having royalty from her father’s name for he was the Alpha of the pack. The fae, born into a single pup litter, was breed purposely to become an essential Alphess and take over the throne once her father, Zephren would pass. Her pack resided in the lower mountains, a cold and tough terrain that she eventually adapted to. Juno’s great strength was inherited by her father’s side, while her wise, cautious instincts came from her mother, Alisia. Her mother was a beautiful wolf with green eyes like Juno and had grey fur except her ears, which were pitch black. However, Zephren reflected towards a demon with chaotic red eyes, massive build and a pure black coat to cover his great exterior. But, others underestimated the royal family because of his demon-like features for which he was a kind-hearted brute that’d do anything for Juno, Alisia and most importantly his pack.

The fae was separately trained by other higher ranked wolves. They didn’t want her being like other pups with such playful imaginations and little knowledge of what is to come for her future. She had no friends and time to socially interact with her other pack members so she was always alone. Moons after moons she had been worked till her muscles would give out and she could not breathe. Zephron and Alisia watched her training rapidly improve when they saw great potential in their own daughter. Once Juno was full grown and filled out to a lean build she represented the family name with great pride to the pack, for which she was proud to become their leader some day.

One evening, Zephren sent Juno out to check the border to see if the warriors were doing their job correctly for another training practice. This was where she found her mate, Ace a newcomer at the time. She welcomed him to the pack and was automatically made a warrior from his underestimated and outstanding fighting skills. When Juno turned two, her parents had an arranged mating with the son of another pack’s alpha, Brenet. What Zephren and Alisia didn’t know was that every night since Juno had met Ace, she’d been sneaking out to his den just to see him. It was the only way to talk to lower classed wolves in the pack, and she did whatever she could just to see the male she loved so dearly.

On the night of the mating ceremony, she said to her mom her goodbyes. Then, Juno and Ace ran off so that they could be mates together and have their own family. Zephren sent her packmates after them to bring them back and kill Ace, but they were to fast. Since Juno’s father trained her at an early age she was ten times faster than any wolf her age. Ace was right behind her as they sprinted in unison as they silently into the young night.

In early spring, Juno had a litter of one, a pup named Riot. Life was good, or so they thought. Two months later, Ace took Riot out to the meadow to see the various kinds of flowers while Juno stayed in their den and napped. A loner much bigger than Ace crossed paths with the two at the meadow and instantly attacked both of them. After hours of a waiting, the fae went to the pasture to only find blood splattered all over the ground. She frantically looked everywhere for a trace of them but the only scent that was being registered was the smell of Ace and Riot’s blood. The devastated,sorrow-filled fae then ran off with a tear falling down from her emerald eye.

She ran for weeks from the hurt things she experienced and the loved ones she’d lost. Juno would never love anyone like she did for her mate and pup. They were the most valuable things she cherished. The fae fed off small game and a occasional buck if she was lucky. She felt I’d be best to be with a pack, since she’d live off support from her pack basically all her life and some off on her own with Ace and Riot. Juno was a broken hearted and determined wolf as she searched for days.  There was no stopping her, and nothing was going to stand in her way.

After finally coming to a stop, a border of a new pack stood before her. It didn't take long for someone to hear her call, a friendly Healer named Creek welcomed her with open arms, granting her the rank of a Warrior but didn't get to know her very long until a cougar encounter later on. On her first day she surprisingly befriended a special fae with the scar. Some managed to break down her walls, to reveal what she had to go through and how she ended up here. There was just one wolf in particular that made a difference in her life. She'd met him at the swamp one evening, boredom stuck the fae and she decided to go exploring, ending up at the swamp to find a brownish red, large brute. Marrok. When the ebony she-wolf got to know him, she realized that he'd also lost his loved ones, only out of jealousy and rage over rank. Marrok and Juno became great friends, when they got lost that day, the two rested in a badger set, then in the morning Juno was gifted a nice hare by the lovely male.

Unexpectedly after hunting a large doe, they had a surprised visit from a cougar, looking to find food for her cubs. The cougar attacked them, Juno was swiped against the tree and was unconscious. Thankfully Marrok ended up scaring it off, taking her to immediate care back at the camp. When she recovered, Marrok and Juno started spending a lot of time together, learning more and more pieces of their history and what they interest in. Slowly she started to fall for his charm, Juno admired the brute very much and started to feel something she'd never experience before. Few days later both were promoted to Delta, working along side each other with the training of Elite Kenai.

One stormy night, the two had met up at Juno's den to watch the lightning and talk they normally did when they saw each other. Juno finally realized that she'd fallen in love with Marrok and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life. Confessions were spilled, finding out both of the two loved each other very much. Marrok asked her to be his mate, and she didn't hesitate to ask. He'd changed her life from the very beginning, making her feel something that has never happened before to the fae. The once was shattered heart behind her ribcage now is a bright red pumping heart that only beat for him.

A whole month after their mating ceremony, the two sided with Azul's pack after the split with Steele. Few days into May, Juno gave birth to three beautiful pups by the names of Apollo, Ryland and Griffen. Apollo, the oldest acts like the older brother out of the litter, always watching out for them and keeping them from fighting. Ryland is Marrok's little princess, but she isn't afraid to bite when she has too, especially when Griffen plays to rough or bickers with her. Last but definitely not least, Griffen. This little black wolf with amber eyes will keep your head spinning if you're willing to talk to him. He seems to be the least mature, but holds a potential and intelligence most runts don't possess.

As much as Juno pities the day she lost Riot, she will always love her pups the same way as she did with her first. Her position had been promoted to Beta female of Azul's pack as well as Marrok. For now, the family of five live peacefully, enjoying the obstacles they have yet to face.

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Beta Juno

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