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It's Too Cold Outside [Killian!]

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It's Too Cold Outside [Killian!] Empty
PostSubject: It's Too Cold Outside [Killian!] It's Too Cold Outside [Killian!] Icon_minitimeJanuary 4th 2016, 20:38

Be careful making wishes in the dark...
Paws rhythmically landed against frozen ground, creating a thrumming beat that mirrored the beat of the onyx she-wolf's heart as she ran through her packs territories. Seyda was out for her evening run, exploring the area she now called home, becoming intimately familiar with surroundings. It was her goal to become a Guardian and that title held great responsibilities. She was going to be ready and excel in all of them.

Slowly, the pace of her run slowed. She was approaching a territory she'd never been in before. The tree line thinned in front of her and she burst out of it, stopping short at the sight in front of her. A large field stretched out in front of her for miles, a deep layer of snow covering the ground. Across the snow frozen field, jagged mountains waited on the other side, a sun set bursting from behind the peaks, painting the sky and ground with vibrant golds, reds, pinks, and even shades of purples.

Taking a hesitant step forward, she inhaled deeply, taking a moment to register the scents. It was definitely Pryvanthros, although the smell was extremely faint, as if it'd only been recently claimed and no other wolves had been there. Taking another step, and then another, she was soon running through the blanketed white field, her obsidian pelt in stark contrast to the pale background. Seyda had been on the run for so long, she could not remember the last time she'd been able to relax. Even after joining her pack, she had not relaxed. She woke well before dawn to begin training, trained and worked her entire day, before retiring to her den well after most other wolves. Here, in this field, she finally felt herself accepting reality. She was no longer in danger, no longer running from her past. She'd been accepted into what seemed an amazing pack and given a rank. She was training to improve that rank already. She was beginning to feel at peace.

Reaching the beginning of the jagged rocks, she nimbly lept to the top of a stone, her lithe and agile body propelling herself forward with ease. She landed gracefully and then sat herself back on her haunches, lifting her scarred maw to the sky. Her melodic voice rang out in a hauntingly beautiful howl, low and musical. Her song slowly came to an end and she laid her slender body down on the rock. Her dark head laid lightly atop her legs as her eerily bright eyes took in the beauty of the unmarked field, save for where her paws had broken through the snow layer. She closed her eyes, bathing in the vibrant colors of the sun set in the darkening sky.  
It is not Darkness in my heart, just Emptiness waiting for the Sun.
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It's Too Cold Outside [Killian!]

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