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Arrelys' Book of Plots

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PostSubject: Arrelys' Book of Plots Arrelys' Book of Plots Icon_minitimeMarch 5th 2016, 14:56

Hello to those viewing. I designed my plot page to show others where my characters are as far as personality, friendships, etc. In each template, the backgrounds of each character words are in their perspective (read to see how). If there are any questions, concerns, or requests, please feel free to message me, post below, or speak to me in the chat box. Thank you and enjoy.

~Hunter Arrelys of Agavos~
| Bold | Vigilant | Optimistic | Feisty |

Greetings, I'm Arrelys of the Agavos pack. I wasn't exactly born to the relatively new pack. My birth pack was the Cerago tribe. When Taffeta (my sister) and I was born, our parents were betas then. Despite their power in the pack, there was only one pup who didn't get the respect she deserves--and that was me. What made it more disgraceful was that the wolves outside of the family treated me better than my own kin. Imagine that. Some of them even told me that I reminded them of my grandmother, who looked and acted exactly me according to them. From what they said, I knew my mother and grandmother didn't get along at all. No wonder she and my father always took my sister's side even though she was wrong like most of the time. As I became detached from my parents, I became a target--especially for males. They thought of me as the outsider and tried to pursue me instead of my sister. But what they didn't know was that I had a temper and I wasn't afraid to use it. Vytas, Taffeta's future mate, got the worst of it. Of course, my attack on him contributed to why I left for good. A month later prior to joining the Agavos pack, I met Jacob. My first impression of him wasn't exactly the best. I always found him to be closed off and stuck in his own world. During one of my lone hunts, he spotted me in the distance and I realized we both shared a passion for hunting. Ever since that time, we became closer each day. We shared our pasts and our secrets with one another. In the majority of the time, he had me laughing until my stomach became tense. When famine struck as both, our relationship declined to the point that we didn't speak for a few days though still shared a makeshift den. He wasn't taking anything seriously, and my temper flared a lot more often. And then one night, I happened to look to my left and didn't see him anywhere. I shook it off and continued to sleep until morning. He wasn't there. I panicked and started searching for him. It lasted weeks until I gave up because I thought he would never come back. And why should he? It was probably my fault that he disappeared in the first place. From then on, I continued my path until I reached the Agavos border.~

Personality: Arrelys has an optimistic nature with feisty attitude. She thinks positive at all times and can't stand to be near pessimistic wolves. The she wolf feels as if everyone should live life to the fullest because she's no second life. This can link to her bold and adventurous side. She is willing to try new things and isn't afraid to take on challenges. Unfortunately, that is only hidden in the inside and only wolves who know her best understand her complicated personality. To acquaintances and enemies, she can be very bossy, sarcastic, and hot-headed if she doesn't like them. Arrelys has uncountable "pet peeves" and can be very hard to get along with, especially with arrogant wolves. She thinks they lack humbleness, logic, and can't get the differences between strengths and weaknesses. The biggest downfall she has is her stubbornness. Arrelys stands up for what is right and isn't afraid to own it, but she can be narrow minded at times. That trait also makes it hard for her to want to communicate with wolves whom she already had bad experiences with.

Arrelys values friendship more than anything else. Unlike outsiders, the wolves she calls "friends" get to see beneath her shell--her passionate, lively side and also her optimism and ambition. In friendships, she puts all of her trust in the wolves. [She'd rather have a few very close friends than a bunch of acquaintances] Once it's broken, it would never recover. It may be almost impossible to be friends with self-centered, arrogant wolves.
Friends: Delta Breeze

The she wolf is a bit wary with wolves from other packs, but she may remain friendly and sociable depending on who the wolves are.

First love:
Despite her feisty attitude toward him in the past, she always had a soft spot for him. She admired how calm and loving he was towards her even though she herself was difficult to deal with. Out of all wolves, she trusted him the most. Somehow the she wolf knew that his feelings for her were mutual, but they never began to express their feelings. Jacob knew of her past, and Arrelys had always been slightly guarded around him. When he mysteriously disappeared, the she wolf regretted their previous fight and regretted meeting him because losing him had caused her tremendous pain.

Crush: Currently, no males had caught her eye. She's still in her shell and takes time for her to put herself out there.

Arrelys would rather have a calm, loyal mate--one she can put in the middle of her world without second thoughts.

Taurami (beta male)- Taught her leadership, hunting, fighting, etc

Mentoring: Any wolf who needs improvement on hunting or fighting agile and quick wolves is welcome to be mentored.

If any wolf is detested by this she wolf, beware. Her fiery temper would always be there to devour him/ her during any interactions. The best way to avoid it is to stay away from her-- there's a better chance she would try her best to not notice the wolf.


Arrogant wolves---> Bad
Pessimistic wolves ---> Bad
Optimistic wolves---> Great
Feisty, snarky wolves ---> So-so, depends
Creative wolves ---> Great
Obnoxious wolves---> Bad
Clingy wolves---> No-no

Has the voice of:
Christina Perri

Song to describe her: Breakaway by Kelly Clarkston

Made by @Arrelys or @Chassity



   ~Warrior Chassity of Pyrvanthros~
| Dedicated | Brave | Cold | Dignified |

You want to know where I come from? Well, I'll tell you. But if you are sensitive to brutality, don't even listen. For those of you who are not, well good for you. At least you get to hear about my past, now let's start shall we? I was brought to the Barbain tribe by Zerbern (my father) when I was very little. I was so young that I thought Vanice (my father's mate at the time) was my mother. She even tried her best to act like my mother, but I never felt a genuine connection from her. Unfortunately, I wasn't alone. I had to tolerate Trinity and Chelsea (my step-sisters). They treated me so unkindly that I even thought about escaping the pack. Whenever I spoke to my parents about this, nothing would improve. I soon started to retaliate whenever I got picked on. One day, Chelsea and I got into a fight. I won of course; however, the alphas and Vanice didn't take a lightly. I gave Chelsea a scar in the middle of her face. I knew that moment was not going to be forgotten anytime soon. I bet she still has the scar if she's still alive. At the aging ceremony, my step-sister received betas as their mentors and I received a warrior. I was very furious though deep inside I knew that the alphas were punishing me. Fortunately, Corinth wasn't the wolf I thought he was. My former mentor was very determined and he made sure that I was the best fighter in my tribe. That certainly paid off when I became a warrior before the other apprentices, especially Chelsea and Trinity. That goodness didn't last long--Chelsea's jealousy came into effect when she announced to the tribe that I came from an unknown mother. What made it worse was my father's confession years later when I found Corinth dead. He had a large neck wound from behind and blood was everywhere. While I examined him, I found my father behind me. Zerbern confessed that he killed my mother and Corinth. I learned that my mother name was Cassidy and she had given birth to me in the Donaran tribe. From there, my father was determined to kill me. I was forced to kill him. I ended his life by sinking my teeth in and twisting his neck clean. Soon after the incident, I announced what happen to my tribe mates. Vanice seemed the most appalled. Surprisingly, I was appointed guardian soon after my father's death. But not even that could explain the pain I carried for the rest of my years in the Barbain tribe. I decided to leave when I could and found myself at the border of Pyrvanthros, where I started fresh for the first time of my life.~

From the look of Chassity, it can be perceived that she's level headed and very calm. But in some cases, looks are a little deceiving. She can be cold and outspoken, or she can be passive aggressive. It all depends on her mood. The thing that binds both reactions together is her body language. When she's stiff from head to tail, her mood is quite low. If someone messes with her in the wrong mood, he/she will regret it greatly. She's not afraid to show anyone who's boss. It's either with words or jaws. Despite her unpredictable demeanor, she's dedicated, extremely loyal, and protective to the wolves she love. She's more willing to bend backward for a love-one than she will admit. She will even die for him/her without a second thought, but nobody will know it. That makes her emotionless. Even her blue eyes don't show any expression except for anger (if she gets angry). Overall, Chass is a dubious wolf with undeniable loyalty.  

Friendship: This she wolf makes a very loyal, determined friend. She will do a lot to make sure her friends are well--even put her life on the line for them. Unlike many wolves, she doesn't put too much trust on anyone--even the best friends. There will always be something that her friend(s) won't be aware of. Chassity isn't always sympathetic and it's rare when she is soft so value the time it lasts. Being cold and blunt often take a toll on her friendships. She didn't have so many in the past so therefore it would be challenging to develop friendships now.
Friends: Delta Tatsu

Allies: Chass doesn't really try to have allies in different packs. She'd rather spend time with her own packmates and try to know them better. Of course having friends in other packs is possible, but it's quite a challenge.

First Love: Corinth
Even though the male wolf served as her mentor, Chassity felt an unbreakable bond between him. At first glance, he seemed very bipolar to other wolves especially Chassity, but he was very much sane when given a chance. He taught her the best skills of any wolf in her pack and he often understood her issues within other pack members. In fact, most of her personality came from this wolf. He was sensible, determined, compassionate, but cold.  It took a while for him to accept his feelings for the fae because he didn't know what love was. Nearly two years after  Chassity's warrior ceremony, the two wolves had plans of becoming mates. Corinth's death caused by her father prevented it from being official. After that event, the fae thought that she wasn't meant to fall in love.

Crush: Chassity doesn't want to fall in love with anybody again. The she wolf tries her best keep "love" emotions aside.

It will take a diligent, patient wolf to pursue her. Putting her trust in another male wolf may open her wounds from the past.

Mentor: Corinth (warrior male)-- Taught her to fight, hunt, leadership, importance of honesty, etc

Mentoring: If somebody needs improvement in fighting, feel free to ask Chassity for help. Beware, her training will be very intense.

Any wolf trying to be this fae's enemy is asking for a fight. Chassity doesn't take BS from anyone and often uses her rough tongue to show it. Her words are as sharp as her fangs. Yes, she is patient, but it doesn't last with her enemies.


Ignorant wolves---> Bad
Idle wolves---> Bad
Sensible wolves---> Great
Arrogant wolves---> So-so
Soft wolves---> Challenging
Cold wolves---> So-so
Ambitious wolves---> Great

Has voice of: Adele
Song to describe her: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

       Made by @Arrelys or @Chassity

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PostSubject: Re: Arrelys' Book of Plots Arrelys' Book of Plots Icon_minitimeMay 28th 2016, 12:32

Updated! Plots anyone?
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Arrelys' Book of Plots

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