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The Writing Desk - Order Here!

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Warrior Alexander

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PostSubject: The Writing Desk - Order Here! June 29th 2016, 11:11

Greetings Guest, and welcome to Alexander's Convenient Cabinet ™,
A small little shop run by me, myself, and I!

Here I will do my up most best to fulfill all of your delightful requests. I offer a slew of things within my little shop, however I am mostly know for making photomanipulations, tables, signatures, and avatars. All of which you can find examples of here! However if my work does not suit your fancy or has displeased you in any way I would kindly direct you towards MJ Studios as they may be able to fulfill your request better!

When placing an order I highly encourage you to only take pictures from Dawnthieves or Deviantart as it does help prevent copyright issues that we don't want to happen. While filling out your request, please make sure to provide proper details (ie; eye color, fur density, height, etc.) that way I will know what to do with your request! Trust me providing proper details will make a major difference within the final outcome!

Please know that as the artist I have the right to decline a request at anytime that I see necessary, whether it be because I have to much to do or it was to complicated. If your request gets declined you can always come back later and place another order for an opportunity to receive a piece of artwork from me, but please know photomanipulations take time and effort so I kindly ask that you do not rush me. Another thing that I would like to add on,, which will be regarding the previous paragraphs would be about unsatisfied customers. If something is wrong with your table,avatar, or signature I highly encourage you to reach out to me about it, as I will do my best to fix the problem.

Thank you for coming and I hope that I can fulfill your heart's desires!

When ready to order, please fill out the application below:

[font=Georgia][b][color=#cccccc]Name of Character[/color]:[/b] Answer here~
[b][color=#cccccc]Pack of Character[/color]:[/b] And hereee~
[b][color=#cccccc]Picture of Character[/color]:[/b] Put links here.
[b][color=#cccccc]Background[/color]:[/b] This is only for photomanipulations, please provide at least three backgrounds for me to choose from thank you ~
[b][color=#cccccc]Color of Eyes[/color]:[/b] Answer here, Please provide the hex code for the color. It makes things easier.
[b][color=#cccccc]Quote or Saying[/color]:[/b] Not required, but place here if you want one~
[b][color=#cccccc]Extras[/color]:[/b] Do you want your characters name, pack, or rank on the image? Maybe make the eyes brighter? Or fur fluffier. All that info goes here![/font]

Once the application is filled out it should look something like this:

Name of Character: Candy Canes
Pack of Character: Candyland
Picture of Character: ~ Link
Background: ~Link
Color of Eyes: #38b883
Quote or Saying: "Don';t worry be happy!"
Extras: Your choice


Other Characters: Omega Faust & Healer Pidge
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Warrior Vanessa

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PostSubject: Re: The Writing Desk - Order Here! June 29th 2016, 11:30

Name of Character: Vanessa

Pack of Character: Erenyx

Picture of Character:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6


Background Image 1

Background Image 2

Background Image 3

Background Image 4

Color of Eyes: I would say the closest is this; #009900

Quote or Saying: "The shadows betray you, because they serve me." Or it can be unquoted.

Extras: You can make her a bit fluffier if you wish! You may also add her name into the table, that would be nice! You can make her eyes bright, but they do resemble a more emerald green. As for pictures and backgrounds, I gave you options to see what you would feel fits best. I like all the stock images I provided you, so chose which one you like!
As for the table, you may be creative as you wish! I really can't wait to see it. <3
Her text speech is this color; #990066. Thank you so much and take all the time you need <3
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Elder Azul
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Site Owner

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PostSubject: Re: The Writing Desk - Order Here! June 29th 2016, 11:46

Name of Character: Desmond
Pack of Character: Agavos
Picture of Character: He is Ole, just remember he has bright green eyes.
Background: Omg, whatever you think is best. I would love to see what you can come up with.
Color of Eyes: oh snap, I don't have the hex code, but it's a light bright green like this
Quote or Saying: I never expected to find myself here, but now that I am... I can't see myself being anywhere else...
Extras: The name of the pack please, the color is #008000. I would like a table.


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PostSubject: Re: The Writing Desk - Order Here! June 29th 2016, 21:23

Name of Character: Elder Baritos, or just Baritos.
Pack of Character: Erenyx
Picture of Character: Here's Xelha from Edersee and he shares his face with like two others wolves, so I'm a bit hesitant with putting too many images on. But here's a few.

Background: Ooh that's difficult, but here you are! (Just something with a not-quite-safe theme because my baby is insane)

Color of Eyes: They're silver-grey, not luminous though... so I think #51504E with just natural light.
Quote or Saying: If you think it fits, then "I'm well acquainted with villains that live in my bed and I've grown familiar with villains that live in my head." Quite long, if it doesn't work, it's okay!
Extras: He's a fluffy guy, huge too. Ah, I would like his name on the table please and the rest are optional. If you think it's pretty, then go ahead. c:
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PostSubject: Re: The Writing Desk - Order Here!

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The Writing Desk - Order Here!

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