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Synful Plots

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Warrior Syn
Warrior Syn

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PostSubject: Synful Plots Synful Plots Icon_minitimeApril 10th 2016, 07:43

(You can find all sorts of ideas for interactions and relationships here. Want to suggest a certain thing? Think your character would fit a role? Let me know!)


Her Role -  Syn wishes to regain her role from her previous pack, she wishes to be Beta. She understands thou if the alpha's choose someone else, she just wants the respect that a high rank can earn. But most importantly, her pack comes first. She knows she has to earn the rank, just as she has to earn her pack's respect. No task is to little for her. Deep down, she wants a family, a new life.

Her Home -  Syn wants to know she can trust her pack, she wants to know first hand that they are trustworthy. She wants to know that if she somehow manages to find a mate, her pups would be in a safe pack.


Fellow Explorers
Despite how serious she can be about her duties to the pack, she is a wild Fae at heart. She loves to explore and would love seeing new wolves.
Current Fellow Explorers: None

Sparring/Training Partners
Syn loves to show off to other wolves, but in the end, is a hardcore trainer. She loves the thrill of a fight, practice or not. Think you can take her?
Current Sparring/Training Partners: None

Adopted Siblings
Syn has a soft side for pups, if they manage to make an impression on her, she would always care for them. Since her family was brutally killed, she has no one left, and misses her pup siblings. She would be happy to think of a number of wolves as her adopted siblings.
Current Adopted Siblings: None

Syn is a somewhat shy wolf. At first. She doesn't like to start things, for fear of rejection. But if you were to approach her, you might find yourself a friend very soon.
Current Friends:
Deceased Friends:

Close & Best Friends
These are her most trusted friends. Syn will be entirely herself with these wolves. She loves to spend lots of time with her close friends and completely show of her (slightly) wild and crazy side. This means she will be much more playful around them than with others. Syn would trust these wolves enough to share her deepest secrets, but if someone were to break it, she would send them packing, never to trust them again. The poor soul who once was her best friend, is now her enemy. So watch out!
Current Close or Best Friends: None

Syn's heart is locked uptight. She's just looking for the right Brute that holds the key. She desperately wants a mate, but no male has had the right key for her heart. Do you think you can unlock this Fae's heart? **NOTE: APPLYING FOR HER MATE DOESN'T MAKE YOU HER AUTOMATIC MATE, SYN HAS TO LIKE YOUR CHARACTER'S PERSONALITY**
Status: OPEN!

Syn does like a good argument. Especially with wolves she doesn't like. If you think you can take on this Fae in a rivalry, maybe race her to a higher rank, bring it on.
Current Rivals/Enemies: None


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Hunter Cocum
Hunter Cocum

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PostSubject: Re: Synful Plots Synful Plots Icon_minitimeApril 21st 2016, 08:31

Well I think it could be fun to make a thread with you, if you are intrested
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Synful Plots

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